feeling that procrastination coming on.

as i look at my wordpress, i realize that this might just be another thing that will just disappear with time. i felt lazy. i wanted to write this just to keep me going, keep me from forgetting that i made a commitment to this blog. it’s not really helping.

at this moment, i’m feeling the usual laziness drag that goes along with summer vacation. i’m sure that i’ll be rambling soon enough. actually, i feel that what i’m doing right now is considered rambling.

my head hurts. my back hurts. my eyes itch. my nose is runny. i’m hungry. i’m bored. i’m sleepy.

what to do… what to do…

i guess i’ll just ramble about my day.

well, my friend stayed over for the night last night, since we were at the beach that day, along with all of our friends. we had a great time, and dead tired. i was woken up by my friend, because he is sort of a caveman that doesn’t know how to work a television. he told me he tried for two hours. made me laugh. anyways, after i got it to the desired channel, he decided to play a video game. i obliged, since i wanted to play as well. as soon as i turn it on, i felt a hunger pang. we made breakfast. we ate, and played the video game.

after we played video games, we decided to visit a friend. we called him up, and asked if we can go to his house. then we got ready, and left. i called up another friend to come with us, and we met up at the train station closest to my friend’s house. when we got there, we watched television in his room.

then headed home. the friend who stayed over my house went home. my other friend, who met us at the station, stayed over his house. i went home, because i had things to do, but not really. when i got home, i just watched more television, and got bored. one thing led to another, and here i am, making a blog late into the night.

this is pretty boring, since i didn’t go into any sort of detail. but this was enough to prevent me from procrastinating, and forgetting to write on this blog.

at least i’m not not writing.