starting out on this.

i picked this website coz i saw a person’s wordpress on my news feed. it got me thinking of making a blog. there were many choices possible. tumblr was a prime choice for a blog, but it wasn’t my thing. i didn’t want to be obsessed, and i didn’t want to prove my friends right by falling into the ‘tumblr craze’. live journal was also a wonderful choice, but i know absolutely nothing about it. so i just went with the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to type my stress away.

when i came to wordpress, they made it easy for me to register. it still took me a good amount of time to come up with a domain name. i had so many clever ideas. i wanted to put livejournal or tumblr, or livejournal.tumblr, because that would have been very hilarious. then i saw the ‘you can change this later’ note below it. i figured i’d just put something stupid, since i can change it later. i was about to put ‘apparentlyyoucanchangethislatersoyeah’, and i saw how stupid that’d look. so i decided on ‘diarynojournalyes’. this domain name clarifies my gender.

so i finally got a blog together, and i thought, ‘that was easy’. then i came face to face with this somehow confusing posting system. i had a hard time trying to make sure no one can find any information on my identity unless they asked me. once i’ve made sure no one can see my email account, i got to writing the ‘about’ page. it summarizes what my goal is on making this blog. it’s not for anyone but myself.

i highly doubt anyone i know will read this, or find out who i am. if you enjoy my writing, i appreciate it. i’m not sure if there’s a feature here that lets people show their approval or dislike. well, it’s not like i care. it’s for me.