i barely rely on my parents, even though i’m underage. the only thing i rely on them for is a roof and some sort of provisions. i know to get disappointed when i ask them for something. i do not disclose any information about myself, because i don’t trust them.

i should learn my lesson by now. whenever i rely on either of them, i get disappointed. but i just don’t learn. they’re my parents. what am i gonna do?

well, once again, disappointment comes. i was heading out for an important meeting for something. i was supposed to be there by 8, but commuting takes more than an hour, so i planned on leaving around 6:30. but my dad was heading out as well, and he offered me a ride. my dad says that he’d be back around 7:30, because it was actually a 30 min drive. i trusted him, and said that i’d wait for him.

around 7:35, i kinda panicked a little bit, so i called my dad. he didn’t pick up. this went on for 15 mins. 7:50 hit, and i was a bit upset. this was a huge understatement. i called the people i was meeting up with, and let them know that i might be late. then i asked my mom for a ride, because if i commute, i would be there at around 9. my mom said no, because my dad didn’t renew the registration for HIS car, and he used my mom’s car. i was beyond upset at this point. not at my mother, though.

8:10, i called the people, letting them know that i can’t make it. they were understandably upset. i tried to give excuses, and eventually the conversation ended. 8:23, my dad called me, letting me know that he was on his way home. i said never mind, since there’s no point. he nonchalantly said goodbye, without any apology of any sort.

i’m not even upset anymore. i knew this was gonna happen. i’m just asking myself why. why are my parents like this? i barely let them down. the only thing i let them down in is my grades, but only because of the competitive school i’m enrolled in.

times like this, i wish… i just wish…


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