happy birthday to you

well, today is my sister’s birthday. happy birthday to her. i decided to do something nice, so i went to get her a present.

i thought about the things she wanted. she’s a little materialistic, so she had asked for expensive things like an ipad, a macbook, a television, etc. but, i’m pretty poor, and even if i did have the money to buy things that she wanted for her, i know she’d break them in a week’s time. for example, last year, i bought her an expensive set of headphones. within two weeks, she claimed that it was defective, but i clearly see the tear at cord, preventing the music from traveling to the headphones. so i was stuck on what to get her.

i remembered that she wanted a guitar as well, but i had already given her my old guitar, since i lost interest. i also remembered that the same guitar had only had five strings. with that in mind, i knew what i would get for my sister.

i went to the coinstar, since i had a lot of coins, and i didn’t know how much the guitar strings would cost. i put all my coins in, except $11 worth of dollar coins. my coins totaled to $80. i was overjoyed with the amount, so i bought myself some lunch.

i went to the music store closest to my house. i went inside and talked to the guy at the register. he set me up with a good set of strings, for a fair price. including tax, the strings cost around $10.

i went home, and went into her room, since she’s not home, and took her guitar. i fixed it up, tuned it, and set it on her bed. now all i’m waiting for is her reaction when she gets home later.

i hope she appreciates this little sentiment. i ask for nothing but a ‘thank you’ in return.


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